The international daycare Malvína Karlín and government - accredited international art kindergarten Malvína Futurama are located in the attractive and dynamic Prague district of Karlín. The Malvína project is unique in its focus on artistic activities, and we keep developing our model all the time.

For the first time since 2012, the daycare Malvína Karlín are in separate premises with their own garden. In the summer the premises went undergo a reconstruction to meet our demanding requirements for the care of the little ones with an emphasis on an optimistic, safe and stimulating environment, the quality of materials used, functionality and comfort for children, parents and employees.

We prepared an interior project tailored to the needs of the youngest children in cooperation with experienced architects from the renowned No Architects office.

The main goal of the day care Malvína Karlín, is to provide the little ones with a feeling of security and acceptance in a kind and warm form.

To pass on to children in a playful way the skills and knowledge that help them develop their creativity, imagination, get to know the world around them, make new friends and lead them to independence. At work, we emphasize an individual approach to each child and support his natural curiosity. Our aim is to create an environment where all children feel satisfied, safe and acquire such skills and abilities that they can continue to other levels of kindergarten education in Malvína Futurama.

We want our kindergarten and daycare to be the site of happy and contented childhoods, a place children and parents are happy to be coming back.

We care for your children with love, understanding and a smile.

Your Malvína